Kailey Through The Canyon: Part I


Kailey Whitehead


The hum of the engines of an airplane can almost be therapeutic. My mind was racing initially, but the hours in-flight relaxed me to a place of recall. I remembered why I was even on this plane. What seemed like just days ago had actually been months, and I could not help but close my eyes and allow myself to feel the excitement that rushed over me on that dreary Sunday afternoon at the John C. Hodges Library building on campus at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. On that day the other 5th floor occupants, who, like me, had seemingly taken up residency studying in this secluded, quiet haven were probably annoyed that my phone rang so loudly. They must have really sent negative vibes my way when I broke a cardinal rule by answering it. I excused myself from my pile of notes surrounding my Supply Chains textbook, and, with as much grace as I could muster up, all the while whispering to my dad to please hold on the other line, I made my way to the stairwell so our conversation could take place at a normal volume..  My dad really knows how to hold a conversation with people, and I was a bit surprised that he stumbled around his words; either something was wrong or he was attempting to surprise me. Finally, he just came out and said what was on his mind;this summer we are going to the Grand Canyon. Recalling this moment brought a smile across my face as I envisioned what I must have looked like to my classmates on the other side of the door by the stairwell jumping up and down like a child who just received their first bike on Christmas morning. My daydream quickly came to an end as I heard the pilot come over the speakers ask us to prepare for landing. Finally, the trip I had been looking forward to for months was about to start. As I fought back the butterflies in my stomach all I could think about was how exciting these next days would be.Nashville International Airport

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