KTC Part 2: My Soul Drank

My Soul Drank From the Emerald Pools

Kailey Whitehead

Zion National Park

Planning your next day’s hikes ahead of time sounds good on paper and in reality I think everyone should have a plan before they hike in any National Park; however, my excitement was getting to me as the minutes left on the shuttle bus seemed like they lasted an eternity. Teleportation is in near future, right? What a silly conversation I was having inside my head just to be interrupted by the massive ‘Zion National Park’ entrance sign that just came into vision. As we unloaded a warm sensation of happiness overcame my body. I was so very excited to be with my family on this adventure.

Emerald Pools, our first trek of the day was just one hike away from becoming a reality. Being a girl from West Tennessee I have grown up around rich green forests. Now my mind was blown to see just how beautiful a rocky terrain is in person. As we crested the trail I saw the Ridges Canyons and suddenly I realized just how small I was. The beauty of these deep trenches captivated me with their beauty.  As we maneuvered further along the trail I would just look up at the canyon walls. It was like they were nature’s skyscrapers towering over me. The awe and amazement peaked when we reached our first destination, the Emerald Pools. Shades of blue, green and teal danced with the light . This small pools consumed with life was barricaded in by the canyons. Attempting an alternative perspective I lay on my back looking straight up at the canyons. It almost felt like a dream, looking up as staring at various shading of reds, pinks, whites painting the canyon. The rigid marks within the canyons display the character and make me wonder what caused such beauty. My family and I just took this view in-- there were no papers due in this moment, no one text any of us to ask why were running late or to ask about the traffic. Peace filled our hearts. How strange is it that the excitement and thrill of nature results in peace? Should we not have to ‘come down’ from this experience like someone thoroughly enjoying a music festival? In those moments it felt like the world had just stopped turning and nothing mattered other than all of us being together.

After we enjoyed the Emerald Pools we packed up our belongings and headed  back down the trail. On the way back down, the strangest thing happens. I dropped my water bottle, and I go to pick it up and I see a trailhead sign saying “The Grotto”. I tell my dad immediately, we must to do this hike. It was like an omen of sorts trying to tell us our day wasn’t over yet.  I step foot out onto this ridge, and I see the most inspiring view. The canyons were split down the middle with a small river running rapidly down the middle. Completely breath-taken, I just stood and took in the view. How incredible is it that a body of water could be so powerful it splits a canyon? As our day came to a close all I could feel was a sense of thankfulness. My first day in  Zion National Park exceeded expectations. The shuttle ride back to our hotel brought the same butterflies I felt on the plane ride in. It was like my body was craving to go back out into the wild again; as if I had just finished my first glass of water following sprints and I needed more water.  

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